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Throughout my journey to nutritional knowledge and understanding, I've collaborated with many different individuals with amazing skill sets. Their efforts has made me excel further with the expertise from their respective fields. This page is not only dedicated to these individuals, but it is also dedicated to encouraging and helping others achieve Health and Wellness, not just through food and nutrition, but through fun, positive experiences.


Mixed Martial Arts Professional Maui Acantilado will have his fight on September the 30th at the California Fight League promotions. Please support my nutritional client by purchasing his T-Shirts or make a donation to @mauiacantilado125 to ensure training and medical expenses for the fight runs smoothly! Thank you everyone and enjoy the video!
The dedication of a few people, has created a beautiful landscape for all of Las Vegas to enjoy. Thank you Gilcrease and your family for the many years of service to the community.
There are a lot of people wondering why the total calories on one side are not equaling to the total calories on the other when we add the macronutrients together. The problem is explained in this segment and what we should ought to do.
125 pound flyweight fighter Maui Acantilado discusses his fight philosophy, challenges dealing with the mentality of a competitor, and what it takes to be as complete as you can be. Many factors with training and nutrition are keys to his game.
The service plan is organized into 3 different sections to streamline the process for clients. It is crucial to gather important information about an individual to be able to provide the best care possible.
There are many ways to approach a diet. With which ever type of diet a person is curious about, there is a safe manner to consider . The extent of the persons' pursuit can be taken to extreme measures at times and can be detrimental to one's health and wellness.
Supporting the Nutrition Student Association then and now. Health and Wellness are wonderful aspects of life we can achieve with the information provided.