Client Reviews

Improved Conditions.

     “I’ve lost over 70 lbs in 2 years and have no more back pain from Sciatica. Duy taught me how to eat and exercise. So greatful!

Donna Kidd. June 15th 2016

Excellent Nutritional Counselor and Chef!

     "Duy was our coach and counselor during a weight loss program and he very successfully helped us lose weight and maintain progress. Our family has had the good fortune of having Duy and he is so knowledgeable and encouraging, we hired him as a personal chef and nutritionist. With his extensive education and background in scientific nutrition and practical implementation of food preparation, he was able to teach us important skills that have led to permanent healthy lifestyle changes. As important the changes are, we have lost weight, decreased body fat and significantly reduced our conditions. Medications are no longer needed for high cholesterol or blood pressure! The variety of food and vegetables he prepares are always delicious and has simplified our lives greatly.

Thank you, Duy!             

 Janet and Philip B. March 5th 2017


Thank you Duy for guiding me to my better health.

     "Mr. Duy Tran , he is an absolutely amazing teacher with a big heart to guide me to how to change my eating disorder to develop better health and to live longer to share my experiences to other people which suffer with depression and anxiety , Mr. Tran is Not only my teacher , he is my true friend and my hero , Thank you very much for everything you've done for me."

Sincerely, your student and your patient;

 Moe Sepassi. from California, March 19th 2017