The Weight-Loss Journey: It's Not about the Food

     There are many reasons why a person joins a weight-loss program. Whether it's to improve your health outcomes, become better examples for those around you such as kids or to simply look great. No matter the type or what these reasons are, they are your motivation. Your inspiration, your drive to take that first step to start or to continue on going when the going gets tough.

Every weight-loss program, no matter if it's within a group setting, a 1-on-1 session with a coach, nutritionist, doctor, or trying it on your own; there's always a plan. When it's put into play, the plan leads to your ultimate goal. A plan in mind can be simple, yet it takes a complex sequence to even be able to perform your plan. In order to act upon your plan, propelling you to a successful goal, we must look at the process.

     The plan and the goals are what we usually focus on when determining what we want to do to reach our solution. We need to look at the entire equation first before we can even move forward trying to find the answer. This equation comes with a problem that we need to recognize; our barriers, roadblocks, challenges, and obstacles. They come in many forms and many names. One thing they all have in common: they prevent us from executing our plan.

To even begin to perform our plan, we must have emphasis with process, which includes all the fore-mentioned challenges and issues that keeps us from acting upon our objective. They are the distractions of life or events that you have little control over, however it is more probable for a person to perform their healthier eating habits or exercise once we clear a little space in-between for ourselves to create a smooth path to lead us to our plan.

     This method can effectively provide us with much ease in reaching the desired benefits because the closest things to us are the situations that you encounter daily, which can prevent you from using your nutritional knowledge and being able to apply them to your plan. We tend to reach out far and wide for the information, the plan, and for the desired outcomes when what we can accomplish first, is much closer to us than we believe.